About Us


My name is Lorelei and when growing up I didn’t like having such an unusual name.  I longed to be a Lisa or Jennifer!  People could not pronounce my name much less had ever heard it before.  I was always on the lookout for a mug or bicycle license plate with my name on it and to this day still do.  Even with the Gilmore Girls putting my name on the map they still don’t make mugs or licenses with Lorelei on them!

This is why I started Cricket Stitches!  I was taking a sewing class back in 2004 and noticed they had an embroidery machine running and I went over to watch.  I fell in love!!  The designs were beautiful and I wanted to be able to put my name  (or initials) on EVERYTHING. 

This made me think 'there must be other people like me who want to have pretty things with their names or initials beautifully designed on them.  I need to share all of these classically hip & trendy goodies with others.'

So here I am…sharing with you!