Cocktails Anyone?

Posted on May 03, 2020 by Lorelei Casanova-Hancock | 0 comments

Has the cocktail hour become part of your daily routine since the Covid-19 outbreak? It has for us! We aren't picky about our drinks either, sometimes we have Limoncello, sometimes a Cider (Stella Artois makes a good one but so does Aldi).  My favorites of all, are the pretty drinks!  A Cosmopolitan or a French Martini along with a pretty cocktail napkin for me!  

Looking to add some fun to the quarantine? God knows we need it!  We've added these cute Quarantini cocktail napkins to site along with some Quaranvino and Quaranita napkins too.  I think a little fun and some alcohol is what will get us all through this!  Stay healthy!

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