Personalized Birthday Shirt

Posted on April 08, 2014 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

Recently one of my dear customers came to me for a personalized  birthday shirt for her daughter.   Some people are very specific about what they want on their birthday shirts and some people need some ideas from me. This customer was open to ideas  so I  thought about what my grand nieces are into right now and came up with........Frozen.  I can't say ALL little girls and or boys are into Frozen right now but I bet a majority of the 2-7  year old population is into it.

While we cannot sell items with the Frozen characters (we don't want to break any laws) we can improvise and make an Ice Princess shirt.  I hunted around a little bit and found these gorgeous number designs from East Coast Appliqué.  Not only are they pretty but they stitch out beautifully.

Do you have a little Ice princess who needs a personalized birthday shirt?  These particular shirts are not on my site yet so if you are interested in having one made please contact me directly at info@cricketstitches.com

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